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Best Tools for Embedded Development

What tools you use for embedded development largely depends on which chip manufacturer you choose, along with the resulting CPU architecture. This post focuses largely on ARM Cortex processors. Each of the chip manufacturers provides a suite of tools for creating, editing and...

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Creating a GitHub Workflow for the Gnu Arm Compiler

Background Creating a GitHub workflow that uses the GNU Arm compiler is relatively simple if your have the right Actions. In the post I will show you have to install the arm-none-eabi-gcc compiler and build your application automatically when you check in your code to GitHub....

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Top Tips for Embedded Development with CMake

Why use CMake and Arm GCC? CMake and Arm GCC (arm-none-eabi-gcc) are the perfect combination for developing your embedded applications. CMake is a cross platform tool for building software, and if you have ever got tired of jumping from one chip manufacturer IDE to another,...

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Best GCC Compiler Flags for Embedded

GCC Compiler Background The GCC Embedded Arm Compiler is a common compiler used for the 32-bit Arm Cortex-A, Cortex-R and Cortex-M processors. Choosing the right GCC compiler flags for your scenario is hard, especially when working with constrained device with limited flash...

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